Where does the name Ouli's come from?

Ouli is one of the many endings added to a name in Greek as a term of endearment. Stephanie's Grandmother and inspiration behind the brand used to call Stephanie, Ouli. It turned out to be the perfect name for the ointment too!

Where can Ouli's Ointment be applied?

Fantastic news... the answer is Anywhere! The ingredients in Ouli's Ointment is are gentle enough for it to even be applied under your eyes. It can also be used on a daily basis to heal chapped lips. It is a great barrier between makeup and your skin and works very well under foundation. Ouli's Ointment is made for external use only, it may be used around the eyes but not in the eyes and should be kept out of reach of children.

Is Ouli's Ointment vegan?

Unfortunately our product is not yet vegan but it is something that we are looking into for the future.

Is Ouli's made in Greece if it contains Greek Olive Oil?

Although we use organic extra virgin olive oil straight from the Greek island of Zakynthos, our product is produced in the UK and our other ingredients are sourced from the UK too.

If it only contains 3 ingredients why are these TOCOPHEROL, d-LIMONENE, LINANOOL, GERANIOL, listed on the tin?

TOCOPHEROL is a form of Vitamin E used in many skincare products to preserve. d-LIMONENE, LINANOOL, GERANIOL are naturally occurring allergens found in essential oils.

What is your shipping policy?

Deliveries to the UK take on average 3 days to arrive, depending on the shipping method used. Deliveries to other countries may take longer. If the product has still not arrived after 15 working days please get in touch with us at info@oulis-ointment.com

Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays determined by common and other freight carriers. Standard shipping methods include the Royal Mail Postal Service. Please note that customers outside the UK or USA shall be responsible for the payment of any import taxes, duties, tariffs or similar charges which may be imposed over and above ordinary shipping charges.

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact us at info@oulis-ointment.com if you are interested in buying large quantities and we will give you a call.

If I am a makeup artist can I get a discount?

Because our founder is a makeup artist she found it important to make Ouli's a staple in makeup artist's kits. So yes! If you are a makeup artist, email us 2 forms of credit at info@oulis-ointment.com and your website or social media handle and you once approved you will receive a 20% discount on Ouli's. Any other questions? Please contact us at info@oulis-ointment.com